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Bring Your Own Life - About Us


Bring Your Own means
Unique bento containers designed to help with smart portion control – an easy way to maintain a healthy diet.


Bring Your Own means
More thoughtful food, drinks & snack choices - eating out less is good for both your wallet and your waistline.


Bring Your Own means
No more boring bags & soggy sandwiches. Practical & fashionable lunch kits designs for women, men, teens & kids.


Bring Your Own means
Ditching the disposables! Every day our landfills get more choked up with “single-use”refuse. Sustainability starts at home with eco-healthy, reusable lunch gear.

Of course we all want to be more health conscious – this means making smart food choices like preparing our own lunches and snacks. Take out food is expensive and usually high in calories, and processed snacks are rarely the best nutritional choice. One of the small things that stop people from making better choices is the effort required and the general idea of brown bagging it.

Let’s face it, eating a soggy sandwich out of a paper bag is not exactly appealing, no matter how healthy it might be. Bring Your Own was created with one purpose in mind: to make it easy for you to make the right choices. The lunch gear we feature are design driven, well-thought out for ease of use and eco-friendliness. Many of our products come from Japan, the country that invented the concept of a lacquered lunch box with little compartments for various foods (bento).

The variety of styles and colors make it much easier to embrace and adapt to an eco-intelligent lifestyle. Bringing your own lunch can now be healthy and fashionable. We’ve curated our line so that you have no excuse to abandon style. Trade the power lunch for the breezy park bench where you can relax and re-energize. Bringing your own lunches can now be economical, healthy, and fun.

Just don’t be surprised when your co-workers ask where you found your great lunch gear!

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