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BPA-free, reusable and thermal drink containers

24Bottles Stainless Steel Bottle Urban Stone Finish - 500ml


Originally conceived as a piece of houseware, the lightness and the thoughness of stainless steel allows its outdoord use, for those who need...

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This wonderful stainless steel bottle can carry any kind of beverage preserving carbonation and without imparting any extra flavour.

It features a wide mouth with rolled edge allowing comfortable pouring and filling, large enough for ice cubes if you need an extra chill.

Every time you refill your Urban Bottle, you avoid dispersing 0,08Kg of CO2 into the environment, as it is the outcome of the production of a disposable 0,5L plastic bottles.

The brand new stone finish adds toughness to your vessel, preventing your stainless steel bottle from bumps, dings and dents.

The new external coating also increases the grip of the hand on the bottle while remaining a pleasure to touch.
Different color tones will suit your personal style to follow you in any adventure life may take you to.

Non-toxic, non-leaching and downright BPA free, the stainless steel Urban Bottle with stone finish won’t add weight to your backpack as it weights exactly 120 grams, just a bit more than the classic satin collection.


BPA free;
Air travel secure;
Suitable for acidic and sparkling drinks;
Preserves taste and carbonation;
Easy opening – just one twist;
Leak-proof, black silicone ring on cap.

Width: 6.5cm
Height: 21 cm
Weight: 120 grams.

Capacity: 500ml.

18/8 food grade Stainless Steel. Designed in Italy, made responsibly in China.

Care & Use

Handwash recommended. Not dishwasher safe.

How do I clean my bottle?
Keeping your 24Bottles clean is easy. We recommend that the bottle be rinsed with warm water after every use, especially if the bottle is used to store a liquid other than water. For deep cleaning we suggest using warm water, mild soap, and a bottle brush. Otherwise, for an equally effective but organic alternative, use a solution made out of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. Once washed, let the bottle dry with the cap off and the bottleneck facing downward to let water drain out.

Why 18/8 stainless steel?
At 24Bottles we choose 18/8 stainless steel because we believe in designing bottles that are both safe and sturdy. Indeed, this peculiar stainless steel is a high-quality, food-grade, austenite (non-magnetic) metal (also known as #304 stainless steel). 18/8 stainless steel is 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It is a combination that makes this specific stainless steel highly rust-resistant. For all these reasons 18/8 stainless steel is one of the most durable, safe, and reliable materials for food and liquid containers available today.

Are all the bottles BPA free?
Yes! Our bottles are crafted to be as lightweight as aluminum ones, but unlike those, 18/8 stainless steel bottles do not need any internal plastic lining that could leach over time, releasing harmful and unhealthy substances such as BPA and phthalates. Our lids and caps are also made from 100% BPA free plastic. In fact, 24Bottles’ lids are made out of the same BPA free plastic used to produce pacifiers.

On top of that, stainless steel is also 100% recyclable, and every new stainless steel item is made with more than 50% recycled steel.

Where are our bottles made?
24Bottles designs its objects in Bologna, Italy. The stainless steel products are then responsibly made in China while our other products are produced in Europe. The Bottle Holder is 100% Italian-made using regenerated cotton and real leather.

Can I put my bottle in the freezer?
If you desire a cool beverage, you can put your single walled Urban Bottle in the freezer as long as it is only for a short period of time, as liquids will tend to freeze and expand, damaging the materials of the container. Any deformation coming from this kind of negligence would will also void the lifetime warranty. Putting the Urban Bottle in the fridge is safe and won’t cause any damage to your vessel.

Can I fly with my bottle?
Yes of course. Even if it is made out of stainless steel, as long as it is empty, you can carry your bottle on board.

What does -0,08 mean?
The number that is printed on all our Urban Bottles, namely 0.08 Kg (2.8 oz), indicates the amount of CO2 emitted in the production of one single disposable 500ml plastic bottle. Therefore it is the quantity of CO2 you avoid emitting into the atmosphere every time you refill your Urban Bottle instead of buying a short-lived single use plastic bottle.

Compositions : Stainless Steel
Origin : Made in China
Leak proof : Yes
Thermal Insulation : No
Dishwasher safe : Yes
BPA-Free : Yes
Microwave Safe : No

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24Bottles Stainless Steel Bottle Urban Stone Finish - 500ml

24Bottles Stainless Steel Bottle Urban Stone Finish - 500ml

Originally conceived as a piece of houseware, the lightness and the thoughness of stainless steel allows its outdoord use, for those who need extra-capacity. Remember: glass bottles shatter, these don’t.