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Modern and professional lunch boxes

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SoYoung's popular linen lunch box combines an eco-friendly, retro-inspired design with machine washability.  Includes a messenger strap and leak proof insulated insert for easier cleaning.


Lola Lunch with style! For you, who love eating like at home also when outside, enjoy eating the healthiest and safest food. Carefully you select each of your accessories and absolutely detail oriented. For you, it's Lola! A chic and elegant bag,...


Cubic LunchBag is very functional. It has a thermoinsulated interior and an adjustable strap. Double opening and interior pocket for accessories. Includes two food containers of 0.6L and 0.8L, 100% air-tight, BPA free and microwave suitable. Also,...


Enjoy your 'on the go' meal with a very contemporary & urban style insulated compact lunchbag. A must-have for those looking for stylish but practical solutions to solve daily out-of-home eating needs, either at class or at work.  


Like eating at home! Lightweight and easy to carry. The Case is thermo insulated of 5,5L capacity with an inside pocket, ideal for your silverware and napkin.


The new lunch boxes are made of durable raw (ie: UNcoated) linen. Clean, modern feel and retro-inspired designs paired with machine washability make these our new favourites!


Mini Lunchbox Deco, lining printed with vichy checks. Includes 2 containers 100% airtight of 0.6L/20.28oz and 0.8L/27 oz, diswasher and microwave safe. Includes a removable tray.


An insulated bag to carry your food. Containers not included.


Once you've tried it, there is no living without it !


DOME, design while eating. If you value functionality & design and you love eating at work as if you were at home, Dome is the perfect lunchbag.